Utah Saints FC

6 hours ago
Saturday May 19th 2018 Woods Cross, Utah In a match that saw 2 Magic Valley players sent off with red cards and a record score, The Utah Saints FC did not become bewilder and showed what has been in the making for quite some time. The game started delayed due to issues with the opposing team but it was regained and it started 30 minutes later. The players from Magic Valley fought a difficult battle and showed passion and heart for their team. At the 2nd minute mark, Chuchies Cazares was able to open the board with a slamming shot, nearly impossible for MV goalkeeper to stop. Everything seemed going for the Utah Saints but at the beginning of the second half, the surprise!! Magic Valley took advantage seeing Utah Saints goalie out of his box and with a great kick and some luck the ball fell straight into the back of the net. It was a very tight game for the most part, both teams were clinching to obtain that most desired advantage goal. It was Utah’s side who would finally put the second goal going 2-1 up. The morale of the players from Idaho was visibly low, Utah Saints FC did not lower their attacking FIRE POWER! And goals came raining down like an April shower. The final score which breaks the record for the current 2018 Spring UPSL Mountain conference season was of 7 goals for the Utah Saints and 1 for Magic Valley. Players showed respect to each other through out the game and with hand shakes Saints and Magic’s went to the locker rooms thus ending the event. -Andres Peña
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